Friday, 21 November 2008

Wot Ho.

Well, Wot ho, that is to say, hello. Being new to blogging, and indeed, realising that most blogs are, and i suspect this one to be the same musings of a nature that no one is that concerned about.

Dover Street chap I hear you cry, Dover Street, W1 I must add, just to clear these matters up, the site of the great P G Wodehouse's Drones club. A veritable feast of fashion, and indulgence, and somewhere a gentlemen can hang his hat, light his cigar and escape the injustice of the outside world.

This blog, is mainly concerned, with fashion. A chap should always be well dressed, but not so much so that he is seen as frivolous. One should always have the right attire for the right occasion, yet, one should always have a man servant to remember this, as it is not a gentlemens duty, much more pressing thoughts should pre occupy the grey matter.

However, here, I endeavour to chronicle the 1930s gentlemens wardrobe, and look at the various fashions different men would have worn. From those whom, anything but Saville Row was the only option, to those who went to the Tailor of taste and CWS. As I get time, looking at various garments, original clothing advertisements, who they targeted and how much the garment cost, we will build up a jolly good picture of the various types of dress men would have worn through out 1930s England.

Dover Street Chap